The Need for Companionship

People are social creatures and need companionship. Dating or being in a relationship is often where they find this comfort....


Socializing for Fun

When a person has been in a bad relationship for years, they often see socializing as a duty. Their life...


Immoral Cheating Spouses

There are few marriages that will survive a spouse that cheats. The partner that does this often justifies their actions....


The Process of Divorce Recovery

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The Scars Of A Divorce

The scars of a divorce are often unseen, and they often inhibit people from moving forward in their lives. A...


Learning to Let Go

When two people have been in a long term relationship, much of what they own belongs to both of them...

When a couple gets divorced, one partner has often found someone else and is prepared to leave the relationship. The other person is often terribly hurt and does not understand why this happened. The partner that has found someone often works hard to convince the person they are leaving it is their own fault. The person trying to cope with this sudden loss of their relationship is confused and unable to cope. It is no wonder they are not willing to jump right into another relationship.

The person that loses in the divorce is the unprepared partner. Between the pain of being blindsided and taken advantage of, they are busy seeking answers. They have been blamed for the split, and often try to find out where they went wrong. This makes it terribly difficult for them to move on and find someone worthy of their love and companionship.