The Reality of an Ugly Divorce


Loved Ones of the Divorced

It quite often occurs that one person comes home suddenly and demands a divorce. They may have spent months planning, hiding money, and they have already moved on to another relationship. Their goal is to devastate their partner to gain as many assets as possible, and they will do whatever it takes. The devastated person wants answers they may never get, and it is up to the loved ones of the divorced to help them get past it.

Small children will often behave better when they are redirected from doing something they should not, and this is an excellent tactic to use for someone going through the emotional trauma of being dumped by their spouse. Filling their time with activities can help them past the painful first few months, and it may even make them forget some of the questions they have about what went wrong. Even just having coffee out together can be a good idea.

Stalking a former spouse living in a relationship with someone new is often done by those seeking answers. Good friends will help dissuade them before a restraining order is necessary. It can take several friends and family members working together to accomplish this goal, so lining up volunteers as early as possible is a job that must be done. Keeping a person away from their former spouse can also help when it is time to settle their financial matters in court.

It is not always easy to help a loved one through a difficult divorce, and it seems as if the person who left ensures it with their accusations and theft of assets. Getting a loved one past the deep emotional pain and into a better place can take several years. Once they have recovered, helping them move on to a better life will be easier if help has been apparent all through the process.