The Reality of an Ugly Divorce


The Process of Divorce Recovery

When a person works hard at their marriage, they are heartbroken when it dissolves. Few people go unscathed, even in a friendly divorce. When it isn't friendly, depression is often the result. There are many trained professionals and support groups for people coping with an unexpected divorce. This can help a person sort through their feelings. In the end, they often realize the divorce was the fault of their partner. There was an unequal amount of commitment to the relationship. Once a divorced person reaches this stage, they can go on to have a better life.

For a person that is divorced, moving on and finding someone new is the way to live a better life. Working through their issues with the breakup of the previous marriage may help them find their former partner was not worthy of their love. They can then find someone that will be faithful, caring and worthy of their love.